Friday, August 3, 2018

3rd trimester.


Its very difficult to update blog nowadays. Hu.

Last time when I updated, I was in my first trimester of my pregnancy. Alhamdulillah, now I'm in my third trimester already (27 weeks ++) :)

With a big bump ^^, masyaAllah.

I did wrote a few times in my diary about this journey of pregnancy, and would like to write something here as well as a memory of this memorable phase :)

Unfortunately I don't have much maternity photos to be shared, although I wish I have more as a memory. Rasa segan nak minta orang ambilkan gambar sendiri, sebab tak biasa. Dan mungkin sebab selalu selekeh, baju tak cantik. eh. huhu.

Walaupun baju2 yang ada makin susah nak dipakai, belum beli baju mengandung lagi. Sedih la sikit ^^'.

Waktu baru pregnant dulu, banyak juga survey online baju-baju maternity yang cantik-cantik. Tapi lama-lama tersimpan saja semua keinginan tu, sebab sedar diri hutang keliling pinggang T_T. Alhamdulillah masih ada rezeki untuk shopping barang-barang baby yang bermacam-macam tu 👶❤

Baby girl, insyaAllah :)

My morning sickness ended after about 12 weeks, and my first fetal kicks was felt at the first day of Ramadhan, when I was at 16 weeks of pregnancy. Something just poked me from the inside, huhu.


Later the fetal movement became more frequent, and now the baby movement has become so real. I can even feel her limbs, head and her waves of playful movement.

Sometimes I feel like everything changed without I really realized it, especially when my tummy got bigger and bigger until I felt so heavy and began to walk like a real penguin ^^. This cute big bump comes with it own prices as well, unfortunately. hu.

I developed gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM),

Varicose veins at my legs and perineum (urat simpul) with all the aches and swellings,

Pruritus gravidarum (Gatal2 kulit waktu mengandung),

Back pain,

Wrist pain,

Nocturnal leg cramps (quite frequent and very agonizing T__T).

Most of the time its bearable as I'm not working and can have some alternating rest period, but still sometimes I cried when I can't hold it anymore. Especially when you are being alone at home and flooded with emotions. huhu.

Asam garam ibu mengandung ~

I did'nt get the placement that I want for housemanship as well, that has forced me to postpone my posting. My feelings initially got soo mixed up, but then I leave this to Allah. No matter how much we think we can bear the burden of doing PJJ, to work like hell during the whole third trimester, to take care of our baby separately or whatever it is,

I believe that He know what's best,

better than us.

That's why all things happened like what has happened on the emotional day of E-houseman previously. hu. InsyaAllah.

Hoping and keep praying for everything to be fine for everyone,

For ummi to be strong,

Abang (my zauj) to be resilient, huhu

Strength for my friends who'll be starting their HO,

I'm being hopeful that I am not forgotten in their dua's still ^^'


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3rd trimester.

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim. Its very difficult to update blog nowadays. Hu. Last time when I updated, I was in my first trimester of my pr...