Wednesday, September 7, 2016

a step back


These few days many people wrote and talked about Safiey Ilias, who has decided to take a few step backs in his 'hijrah'. Before this, people talked about Uqasha Senrose as well when she decided to remove her hijab. 

Here is me, the silent reader and follower.

Somehow, I like to read about the story of public figure who has decided to be a better muslim and make changes like Safiey Ilias.

Felixia Yeap,

Mizz Nina,


Fynn Jamal etc.

And because they are someone known, a little changes create some waves. Compliments as well as criticisms. 

May Allah bless them. They may not realized it, but what they did was greater than a personnel hijrah. In many ways, they made us to reflects ourselves, to what extent we the so called devoted muslims have upgrading ourselves to become a better muslim.

They had undergone many hurdles and difficulties, for sure.

And as a muslim we should surely help, but maybe most of us did not able to do their best in the helping part, yet. Some might has worsen the conditions. 

I tried to imagine, if he the best of mankind is still with us, our prophet Rasulullah s.a.w. I wonder, how would he react. The man with the perfect akhlak and qudwah. In surah al-mumtahanah, there was a story about Hatib Ibn Abu Baltaah r.a who has betrayed the people of muslimin and Rasulullah s.a.w before the event of Fathul Makkah. 

At that moment when he was cought, the sahabah's were very angry and even Umar r.a has offered himself to kill him. 

" Ya Rasulullah, allow me to chop off the head of this hypocrite ! "

But what did the prophet, our qudwah hasanah did was beyond ordinary. He met Hatib, and asked him,

"O Hatib ! What is this..?"

Hatib replied,

" Ya Rasulullah! Do not make a hasty decision about me. I was a person not belonging to Quraysh, but I was an ally to them. All the Emigrants who were with you have kinsmen (in Makkah) who can protect their families. So I wanted to do them a favor, so they might protect my relatives, as I have no blood relation with them. 

I did not do this out of disbelief or to renegade from my religion, nor did I do it to choose disbelief after Islam."

The prophet then said to the sahabah,

"Regarding him, he has told you the truth."

"This man has participated in the Battle of Badr: You may not know, O `Umar, Allah may have looked favorably at the people of Badr and said: "Do as you please, I have forgiven you. " 

(The Group with the exception of Ibn Majah, collected this Hadith using various chains of narration)

Hearing this, Umar r.a wept and said,

"Allah and His Messenger have the best knowledge. "

I guess we are so so far away from this..
And yet still have not realized the damages we have done.


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