Friday, August 19, 2016



These few weeks I had been busy since I am working to finish my undergraduate research. 

I know that I'm being quite meticulous with the study, because I'm interested.

It's a retrospective study, about cornea transplant that they had done in UKMMC. Cornea transplant is not rare to be done nowadays. Thus in the future if anyone want to know about this, I would be very glad to share insyaAllah.

To be able to see, is precious. Everyone knows that.



Nowadays since we are in final year, many of us talked about postgraduate plan.

Where to go for housemanship,

Where to stay for MOship,

Going into specialty or not,


And I am still indecisive, because it was not easy.

Apabila ditanya pada yang lebih tua, setakat ni semuanya mempunyai pandangan yang sama, a definite answer.

"Become a specialist, of course."

"Takkan nak jadi dokter biasa je."

"Nanti kerja kat hospital sekian2."

From there I already know what should I do. Which is to stop asking for an opinion.

Kadang-kadang kita sesama manusia kurang bersikap memahami sebelum memberi pandangan. We simply give an 'ideal' answer without thinking about the person. 

Did you know, 

Dunia ni luas, tapi yang menyempitkan tu ialah kita.

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