Monday, June 18, 2012



Tommorrow insyaAllah  I'll be taking my first OSCE examinations. (Orientation Skills Clinical Examinations). There are about 17 procedures to be memorize, and 10 of it would come out in the exam.

To be sincere, I'm not the one who is an expert in memorizing nor explaining while performing the hands on procedure. But yet, rather than panicking all the way round, perhaps I should just motivate my own self after all, and yes.. praying. hu

Sometimes I just got too nervous until I forgot to raise my hands and pray, hu. Jazakillah kak Teha for reminding me this:)

 Through the past 21 years He has made me passed thousands of difficulties. Things were always difficult but with Allah will everything would be just fine insyaAllah..


And despite of many weaknesses that I have, I still have the chance to put on effort to improve. Moga dipermudahkan, biidznillah..

Semangat :)

"Faiza a'zamta fatawakkal a'lallah. Innallaha tuhibbul mutawakkilin"

"Maka apabila engkau telah berazam, bertawakkallah kepada Allah. Sesungguhnya Allah mencintai orang-orang yang bertawakkal"

(Al-Imran :3: 159)


  1. buat yang terbaik ya. dah berlatih dari kul 10 sampai kul 3..pasti bisa insyaALLAH..


  2. Kak yana:) yang berlatih dalam simulation pukul 10-3 hampir semua keluar, hehe.

    Tapi untuk history taking berterabur semuanya, he. Yang hafal sungguh tak keluar, yang tak hafal semua keluar:P:P

    Apapun, alhamdulillah:):):)


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