Thursday, June 9, 2016

pacing forward - IKRAM SISWA


It has been quite some time, I've been thinking to write about this. This might be not understandable for some of you, but just give me a chance anyway my dear akhawats <3 

Hope everyone are doing well, at our own place and pacing forward.

Why am I using the word 'pace', not 'running' or meroket whatsoever ^^', is because i thought this is the safest baseline for everybody. 

Thus i meant it for all of us, no matter what our story is. 

Pacing is a small step, but a consistent one. I know that most of us are not consistently running, and almost no human are able to keep running until the end of their life. 'Al Iman yazid wa yanquz' apply to everybody even for the sahabah r.a.

But we should be stepping forward, no matter how slow we are. InsyaAllah.

A few days ago we had our syura for Ikram Siswa. Maybe I never said this to many people, but actually I felt relieved when finally someone else would be chosen as the amirah for our team, the ship that we had rode for so long. 

Some might just know me for these 2 years in ppukm, but for some of you, had known and bear with me for a longer duration. The usual cycle for a leader is 1 year at most. If you hold for too long, you'll be like me., kind of hopeless. hu. There is hikmah in changing leaders, which is to get the new spirit of working, insyaAllah. 

Few years back,

At first, it is very difficult for us to find the track to pace on. So do I. After touched down from Bandung, there are too many things. You need to do this, to do that, to start, to convince, while myself are not yet convinced at that time. Sometimes really I got very tired but you know that you can't stop. Seeing many people started to take a 'break' and vacation made me crazy some more. huhu. 

Just kidding :)

For my dear akhawats UKM or UNPAD based, really I want to get the chance to explain more about our ship, IKRAM siswa. Just to let everyone to know that, for the time being we need it no matter how 'renyah' it is. For us who had been in the usrah for a long time, this is a platform that we can rely when we want to do something. And this platform should be connected with the manhaj that has built, and empowered us. 

Some people would say that, why can't we just do it? Nak buat program, buat je lah. Tak perlu merenyahkan diri dengan persatuan. Tak nak buang waktu dengan benda yang 'tidak muntij'. We think so.

For this, the answer is simple. Kerana kita tak mahu buat Dnt ni sendiri2. Kita tak mahu cuma orang yang ikut usrah je yang dapat buat baik. Jika nak usrah dan tarbiyyah diri sampai lebam sekalipun, silakan. Namun mata harus terbuka dan melihat masyarakat as we are living in this. 

We need to create a platform for the people surrounding us, including our mad'u. Kerja dalam dnt ni bukan terhad pada mesti jadi murobbi, we'll have to widen the jobscope in order to let other peoples join us.

And realize or not, the community need an icon, or a bunch of people to trust on, including us. 

And this is what people should see when they view a group of good people doing da'wah. People who are not merely ajak masuk usrah, but also to deliver islam and encourage people to do good even when they are not committed to jemaah.

What am I explaining is very superficial, but i hope everyone could try to blend it. hu

Then comes the story of responsibilities in every one of us.

What I could say is that, no matter in what position you are being placed in tarbiyyah, there is no levels in Allah's view.  

As a supporter, ajak mengajak
tukang bancuh air,
usrah member,
members of unit,
ketua unit,

Always belief also that if we are not doing our part, nobodies would. 

Allah will grant us, insyaAllah. 


i'm thanking everyone to the fullest. 

For bearing with me, not hating me all this while especially to Afiqah, the best company <3, and to everyone who have done their best in syuro. Forgive me if I had talked too much, banyak berselisih pendapat dan Semoga kita ikhlas kerana Allah.

May He forgive and grant each one of us, and keep us on the way to jannah.

I've rarely post a picture, 
But here are some, untuk kenangan :)

iOs 16

Pernais 16

** Video pengenalan ISBTR:

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