Thursday, June 2, 2016

Your salient features.


There is one super senior in our faculty whom I always look up to. Despite of him having a hearing defect due to an accident, he climbed up to reach many superb achievements. 

In the very young age, he opened a hospital in a poor country, aiming to provide medical facilities to the poorest. Even went from door to door to reach patients whom initially can't afford any medical treatment. He go beyond what ordinary people would do, and beyond an ordinary doctor would do. 

Then he met someone, and recently got married :)  A few days after his wedding he post a picture of them in Cambodia visiting poor patients with a status referring to his wife,

" It's so amazing when someone comes to your life and you expect nothing out of it, but suddenly there right in front of you is everything you ever need. "

From this I learnt something simple yet meaningful.

Let say this is a story of a girl, a doctor to be. Might be you.


Since she enrolled in medicines and many other responsibilities, she's very afraid of relationships. And this feelings become bigger as she climbed higher. Because she know that the road is difficult with many hurdles. Which sometimes she even barely survived. 

Along the way, people around her also got wounded. The parents are missing their daughter for so long but still they let her go. Since the past seven years, she barely able to visit home more than once in two or three months. 

And she lose many bestfriends too. Those old close friends sometimes tried hard to reach her but kept on failing. She loses them one by one and rarely find a new one. 

Thus to drag another person to be on her side, going through this gloomy road has been the end in mind for so long. 


But as she hesitate, people said that this is such a waste of time. 

She can only smiled, while bleeding in the inside :)

Really, sometimes we forgot that human paths are different, thus our conditions differ accordingly. Knowing the limitations, there are times when people give up on certain things to persevere on reaching a bigger thing, with Allah's will.

The path  might not look very 'ideal', but as a muslim we do the best in our part. And keep on tawakkal. 

The wonderful thing that could happen maybe not merely to meet someone just to consider and keep on doubting, but it is when you are finally convinced,

despite all those worries,

You need this particular person <3

The special person who choose you not because the typical things that matter to most people, but because they recognize the salient features of you, and sincerely stay.


P/s : Yesterday we had our psychiatry OSCE exams. I went to the exam place in a labile mood actually, almost in tear after fall asleep and almost being absent in the exam sessions. This thing never happen thus I felt so confused. 

Despite of feeling numb and  having a temporary amnesia before entering the skill lab, Alhamdulillah, He let me through, with ease. 


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